The Mattson's Baby Girl.

A lil preview for mom and dad from my first maternity shoot. I might be spoiling it, since these were some of the best shots, but they are getting me excited to work on the rest!

Suki Meet Up!

It has taken me sooo long to post my Suki shots because I've been trying to narrow them down. But alas I'll still end up with two huge posts. It was just such a highlight! Jonathan Fleming's photography
and flickr friendship has been such a big inspiration to me and to meet him and his flickr famed pup was wonderful enough, but then to meet two other awesome Shiba Inu, the dog I plan to have some day, was kind of adorable overload and super special. It was great to watch Jonathan at work, too! You can see his post of this pupventure here...and his very kind mention of me, too!

So Sunday morning at Philz Coffee in Mission Bay, we met up with Suki, Taro, and Zuko (who is Suki's brother!) and their parents. At one point, someone mentioned Taro had a snaggletooth, and he even showed Melissa (see photo cute!) These are just the highlights from the dog park; there will be more from the photo shoot that followed. And working on these photos has created a new preset, which I aptly named "Suki!"

Sushi at Stockton's Cocoro.

Melissa and her mom, Lilliann, showed me around the nicer parts of Stockton, CA on my last day in California. One of the locations was Cocoro Sushi and it was amazing. I've been to many a great sushi place, and this was definitely toward the top of that list of sushi experiences. Plus, they sat us next to a great window for taking pictures! Thank you so much for the wonderful sushi lunch and your hospitality (especially the cookies which lasted until today!), Lilliann!

We had the Spicy Crunch Scallop roll (left of row of three), the Spicy Salmon (my order, middle), and the CoCoRoll (maybe? Melly please confirm! right of row of three). And luckily these two lovely ladies humored me when I asked to take their picture...I adore the shots of these two, both of whom I hold so dear to my heart!

more San Fran details...

...I have so many shots I don't even know what to do with them all, and a lot will be posted to flickr as some faves need to be given the attention they deserve, but here are a few more details from our wandering weekend around the great city!

What's with the Sake you say? Oh well we had to use the bathroom. That's what Melly told the hostess at the sushi place too, exactly that: "We'd like to order some sake and use your restroom." A favorite line from the weekend.

And, Cheese School?! I had Melly go look to find out how to get in...I wanna go to Cheese School!
We had the best gelato in little Italy but don't ask me where; there were two gelato places on every block there! The Ferrero Rocher and Hazelnut flavors I got were, of course, perfectly paired. Yum!

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