KU v Missouri, 87-86

Last weekend, a bunch of our friends got together to watch KU and Missouri play for the last time in the same conference. Essentially, Missouri leaving for the SEC means the end of the huge rivalry that has always gotten Kansans and Missourians all fired up. The game was home, at Allen Fieldhouse, and the whole town of Lawrence was energized for it; it was tangible. I used up a roll of the rare Portra800 figuring it a worthy occasion, and took tons of digital too. As you can see, there was a lot of head in their hands action, as it was one of the craziest comebacks and most exciting games anyone will ever see. They called it an instant classic.
Afterwards, we decided we had to see the celebrations downtown and we headed down for cupcakes and margaritas. Of course you can't hit Dynamite Saloon without ordering something fried. Between the friends, fun, and excitement, it is a night to be remembered. Years from now we'll be asked, "Where were you when Kansan beat Missouri in that last game?" and we'll be able to answer, "In Lawrence, in good company!"

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