A Well Spent Friday Night...

My Friday night was spent in celebration of the light at the end of the tunnel of work stress, and some recent strides in my photography. First there was a quality dinner of a Jimmy John's beach club and a New Belgium Sunshine. Then we went to our favorite local tea shop where I could not resist a slice of the Black Forest Cake. A few bites of that and I was full; looking forward to the rest of it left in my fridge! The tea shop was so peaceful and right as we were about to leave, two friends called to invite us out for drinks. Why not? So we headed over to Marisco's, where neither of us had ever been. At first I had no idea why we'd be going to a fancy Italian place for drinks, but the bar was classy and laid back, and we had a great time with this other couple, unwinding after a long week. I've spent Saturday taking photos outside (after I had to work until 3!), and I'm looking forward to some quality couch time and more photography adventures tomorrow...Thanks for stopping by!

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grace. by tumbleweed.in.eden
grace., a photo by tumbleweed.in.eden on Flickr.

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Happy Accidents & Strangers

Some of the first stranger project outtakes. I'm glad I got up the courage to ask her if I could take a real shot as it resulted in a nice conversation! Here's the one that made it to flickr.
It's weird, but I really kinda love this diptych. It's one of those accidental abstract kind of things that I can never do on purpose. Note to self: work on that! What happy accidents have you had in photography? Share a link in the comments if you like!


I've never had such an awesome stack of reject photos in my life. These are the ones that DIDN'T make it to flickr...which means better versions and shots of these flowers will make it there!

I've never been very excited about tulips either. They still kind of bore me when I see them, but as soon as I look at the photos, I have to admit they are truly photogenic flowers!

Be sure to check out my 365 shot on flickr today, where I started my Strangers project, if you can count the shot as such!

New Set of Presets, now for Lightroom AND Adobe Camera Raw!

I figured out that I can use the Adobe Camera Raw on my Photoshop trial to convert my Lightroom presets to ACR presets! I put together a set of my 5 most requested plus 1 B&W that will be only $12. I'll have the trial for another two weeks so if there is a preset that you've seen and want for ACR, let me know so that I can convert it for you! Here's my Etsy to take a look, and the facebook link is on the top right side of the blog.

we're just getting warmed up...

plenty more of these to follow.

thank goodness for a blog where i can upload to my hearts content and not worry about having 'too many' flooding my contacts' home pages on flickr!

heart tea.

I like tea. My love, A., shares this passion and this weekend, we indulged in many a tea treat! First we had lunch at the divine Blue Koi, in Leawood, Kansas. A. had the best oolong tea (King's) and we planned to take some home, until we saw the price tag. But a day later, we're reconsidering and may just have to go back and get some. They have a full selection of wonderful teas there, and the cutest tea nook where they keep all the lovely mugs in which they steep and serve the tea. 

I had to try their bubble tea after falling in love with our local House of Cha's iced honey milk tea and it was sweet and tasty goodness. After our appetites had been whet, we had to stop in at House of Cha today as well. I got that favorite bubble tea and A. tried another Oolong, which we both decided was just yum. Then, on our way home, we stopped at the Merc and A. found an Oolong there to try. I think we're both less thrilled with this one, and so we'll be sure to return to both Blue Koi and House of Cha for satisfaction.

What and where have you found YOUR favorite tea(s)? Among the house favorites here are Republic of Tea's blackberry sage and honey ginseng green, Twinings Lady Grey and Ceylon, and good old Lipton!

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