Best of the Bay Bridge.

Melly was kind enough to stand super still in front of the Bay Bridge so I could play around with some long exposure and bokeh light ideas. Here are the best ones, including one from the film roll (the one of the back of her head toward the middle with the super saturated colors)...I wish I had come more prepared but a tripod would have been too much to carry. I made due with a wobbly post sticking out of the ground. Melly thought it was some kind of travel tripod I'd brought. So after I ran back across the street for the photo of us, she had a new appreciation for my dedication to the shots when I told her it was a precarious pole sticking two feet out the ground that barely held my camera up and could fall at any second! I had to get a shot of us though, and I'm so glad I did (and that nothing happened to the camera!)

Kansas City's 1st Annual Food Truck Festival!

...And we were there. My close friend from grade school was in town from New Jersey to visit her sister who lives in KC, and there just happened to be a food truck festival that day! Lucky us! We indulged in all the expected delicacies you see below, plus tamales, sausage, enchiladas, and the like, and then headed over to Kelly's for a few rounds of drinks and some good conversation. The men bought the rounds, little sister bought the jello shots...thanks again for your generosity. Oh, and make sure you say "Albondigas" out loud. Its like the most fun thing to say, ever. 'Al-bone-dee-gahs' i think! That's the fun way anyway! ha!

Mission Cheese, Accomplished.

Mission Cheese was on my list of places to go because I'd seen good things on Flickr. Who am I kidding, that was most of my list. And so, with lovely company, I headed over to the Mission district.
We ordered purely on looks, asking the cheese barista (what WOULD you call that person?) to give us the most photogenic of cheese plates. She didn't disappoint, but my tastebuds were, as I'm just not cut out for this stuff. I did like the one that was closest to goat cheese, and the Le Merle Saison was great, as well Melly's red. 
We spent a fair amount of time and film there, observing the San Franciscans in their natural habitat and pacing ourselves through the cheese and light. We even snagged a stranger for my 100 Strangers Project, as well as some of my proudest shots yet. It was an epic light-venture. I could have stayed all day, just to see how the light would change. You can see the owner, I believe, hard at work preparing a cheese flight in the shot below. If I ever go back, I'd love to try the biscuits and mac and cheese. What a delight this place is!

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