Best of the Bay Bridge.

Melly was kind enough to stand super still in front of the Bay Bridge so I could play around with some long exposure and bokeh light ideas. Here are the best ones, including one from the film roll (the one of the back of her head toward the middle with the super saturated colors)...I wish I had come more prepared but a tripod would have been too much to carry. I made due with a wobbly post sticking out of the ground. Melly thought it was some kind of travel tripod I'd brought. So after I ran back across the street for the photo of us, she had a new appreciation for my dedication to the shots when I told her it was a precarious pole sticking two feet out the ground that barely held my camera up and could fall at any second! I had to get a shot of us though, and I'm so glad I did (and that nothing happened to the camera!)

2 Responses so far.

  1. Wonderful! That first photo is awesome. xo tam

  2. Shotslot says:

    Gorgeous Cara! A great set and looks like a lotta fun!

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