down. town.

Downtown areas have always fascinated and enthralled me, and I remember back around the age of 13, living in a suburbia devoid of a downtown, saying that I always wanted to live somewhere with a nice downtown area to stroll and people watch. Now, as a photographer, they hold even more excitement, and I think these photos should make it pretty apparent why that is!

Here in Lawrence, there's a great downtown, with a wide spectrum of types of shops, eateries, and activities. Oh, and lights and window and people, too!

...Does anyone have tips for uploading into blogger? There seems to be no logic to it. You say actual size, and it still shrinks it. These images in photoshop are supposed to be 3 inches wide (top image) and 6 inches wide (bottom image) but here the bottom is smaller than the top! Could anyone help me troubleshoot?

Improv Lessons.

I realized a few days ago that my photos are full of my slight obsessive compulsive disorder and and make too obvious my perfectionistic tendencies and need to control. They all seem very planned and thought out in terms of subject and composition. And while it sounds like it would be, its not even something i do intentionally! For the most part i shoot without thinking about those things. It seems that even my instincts are OCD! that when i shoot from the heart, it ends up looking like i shoot from the head. and though how much that reflects me as a person is an interesting topic for another blog post, what i realized is that i want to get better at improving. Andy made the perfect analogy to a musician who learns his instrument, scales, and technique to a skilled level, but who is not yet in the stage of improvisation. In order to improv, a musician has to know all the basics and technical aspects inside and out, and to take it to the next level, he then plays with the all those elements, restructures structure if you will. [On a side note, isn't Andy a genius? Its a really great personality and I love how he really understands what I was talking about and where I'm at with my photography as indicated by this analogy!]

So when I went to put this into play at the bar the other night, I got some magical results, which I'll be rolling out here and on my flickr stream. I'm looking forward to more improv experiments, though maybe I shouldn't call them that, right? Too much head, not enough soul!


Happy Easter!

As promised, this blog isn't going to be all about me. I'm hoping to feature some of my favorite photographers as well as interesting news and stories I pick up along my travels on the interwebs.

Here's the first installation of the latter, click for the links!

I love this photographer's blog. It's always full of worldly inspiration and cutting edge stuff that makes you go, 'is this art?'

Yay Everyday is like going to Marshalls. You can't go in looking for something, but if you have the patience to dig, you might just leave with a couple gems. If nothing else, you'll see things you've never before seen. is a great site to follow, as well as a great shop to buy from, sell to, and keep in mind when you need camera repair, and here are some of the links I found interesting lately:

~a University is actually offering a course about cell phone photography! at first it sounds absurd but when you think about all the ethical topics to be covered in the class as well, its more intriguing.

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