Happy Easter!

As promised, this blog isn't going to be all about me. I'm hoping to feature some of my favorite photographers as well as interesting news and stories I pick up along my travels on the interwebs.

Here's the first installation of the latter, click for the links!

I love this photographer's blog. It's always full of worldly inspiration and cutting edge stuff that makes you go, 'is this art?'

Yay Everyday is like going to Marshalls. You can't go in looking for something, but if you have the patience to dig, you might just leave with a couple gems. If nothing else, you'll see things you've never before seen. is a great site to follow, as well as a great shop to buy from, sell to, and keep in mind when you need camera repair, and here are some of the links I found interesting lately:

~a University is actually offering a course about cell phone photography! at first it sounds absurd but when you think about all the ethical topics to be covered in the class as well, its more intriguing.

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