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sharing sunday light.

Just a few shots from the dreamy light this past Sunday that wrapped up 
a seriously wonderful weekend.

a long one, but a good one.

Since Andy got his PhD Monday, most of his friends have been still stuck studying for finals all week and weren't ready to celebrate...until last night. First we dined at the best sushi place in Lawrence, Wa, downtown on Mass Street. I especially like the disappearing sushi series below. I have about 5 more that really make it like a flip book effect.

Afterwards, we headed to our usual haunt, Dynamite Saloon, for margaritas and curly fries. As the DD, it was fun for me to capture everyone's antics....like....

and this conversation, where we all learned a lot about the animal kingdom, specifically koalas and hyenas...

A highlight of the night for me was capturing all the bokeh and observing what people do with their drinks. The other great part was having our friends donate money to my jukebox fund. Dollars were tossed at me from all sides of the table...so that I would go and create an awesome soundtrack for the night. I've been entrusted with the welfare of their ears.

The guys...

The ladies...

The french fries!!

Another Zoey Adventure!

Visited the dog park again with Zoey, and she made some cute friends!
She's not a big swimmer but she LOVES to fetch and so her parents challenged her by to practice her swimming by throwing the ball into the deeper water. It was fun to watch her navigate the waters and strategize the simplest way so that she would not have to do much swimming. She had several visitors. I love shooting the dogs while they are shaking off after being in the water...always makes for a fun shot. I really dig hanging out with Zoey! :)

what we ate: Zen Zero

Even before I lived in Lawrence, this was my favorite place to eat. Zen Zero has a dish that I would request as my last meal, if ever I found myself in that situation! It is a soba noodle stir fry, made with the buckwheat noodles slathered in sesame oil, garlic, ginger, cilantro in a way that is more magical than anything else I've ever tasted. If we ever move, we have vowed to return to visit Lawrence at least once a year, and to come to eat this meal at Zen Zero. A chic downtown vibe and fun downtown location complete the package. If you ever visit Lawrence, make sure you find Zen Zero on Mass. Street!


The new mexican place that we can all seem to agree we like is Tapas, here in downtown Lawrence. Last time we were there, the margaritas were strong, the fajitas were tasty, life was good. This time, not as much as last time, but we feasted on all the good news we had to celebrate instead. These were all shot on a F100, Kodak Portra or Fuji Superia (1.5 rolls used last night!)

And when it comes down to it, all that matters, to me at least, at a Mexican place is the quality of the chips, salsa, and guacamole, and this place has THE BEST of those three things in Lawrence. Fresh, homemade, hot, thin, crisp chips, cilantro packed salsa, and chunky guac. Yes, yes yes!


I think one of the reasons I love photography is the all of the anticipation.
Waiting for the right moment,
waiting for the film,
waiting until you master that new technique.
The patience required makes it all the more satisfying, and the challenge of it makes it all the more rewarding.

I remember that one night in the darkroom, trying to get my 120 film on the reels for the first time,
so nervous about messing up the film in the process, up against the clock of the time available in the lab.
After a half hour of trying, taking breaks, and going back at it, refusing to give up,
you might imagine how happy I was when it finally worked.

And all the times I send my film out to get developed, I check the mail compulsively every day, hoping it is back and
I'm so dang disappointed when the mailbox is empty.
I'm one of those people that tracks my packages online just so I can get mad when it isn't delivered by the
"estimated delivery."
If I don't have something to look forward to each week, I find myself a little less cheerful than normal.
Sometimes I plan things to look forward to, and I think I'm just now realizing that I do this and why!

With photography, there is always a season or event to look forward to capturing,
and I think that is one of the things that keeps me satisfied, entertained, and just plain hooked.

andy's birthday.

I was lucky enough to take the day off for Andy's birthday. We baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, spent a lot of quality time cuddling, he indulged me in a small photo excursion, and I indulged him in yet another dinner at Encore, which I'm very much glad I did! I hope you had as much fun on your birthday as I did, my love! 

Spring in Lawrence Kansas.

It seems like everyone in Lawrence plants tulips and has a real respect for spring beautification. 
Such a treat for photographers like me! One neighborhood in particular, around the corner from the University, just shines every year.

the pinks and purples.

There is such an abundance of flowering trees here in Lawrence. Spring came so fast this year that the blossoms came and went so quickly, but I was lucky enough to get out in the glory and snap a few shots on the Hasselblad.

spring rains.

Everything bloomed so early and so quickly here. When it first started, we were experiencing crazy storms and lots of rain. First I ventured out with my old Canon Rebel GII and expired film, but when the rain cleared and the morning was filled with fog, I pulled out the Hasselblad. Both yielded joyful results. 

Most of the yellows pinks and purples are gone now, but I'm just getting the film back now and getting to relive the whole thing! Ah, the beauty of photographs.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Lawrence falls during March Madness, when the city is already at it's height of festivity. You can see in one of the shots below, there was bluegrass, basketball, pups and kids, and in another, a pirate ship rode down Mass. Street, why not? And the city is abloom, too! A great time of year to be here, for sure.

link love, march 2011.

What happens when you put your film in the dishwasher? Some pretty cool stuff!

Every World Press Photo Winner from 1955-2011.

Important tips when buying used.

A great resource for the Brenizer method, or, how to get really sick dof. Thanks to Kim Miller!

How to store film. I bet you learn something.

The beauty of bad weather.

An amazing post on why film is a metaphor for the self.

leap day.

I took the day off on Leap Day. Figured it's an extra day we don't get every year, and that I wanted to claim it for my own and make the most of this "found time." I managed to get Andy out of bed early so we could get a good table at Milton's. Its a long narrow restaurant with only 3 tables that actually get any window light. We had our pick and I snagged the best spot, and the best French Toast in town, perhaps in Kansas, certainly the best I've had anywhere!
After breakfast we stopped off at the grocery store, where I picked up some tulips to spend my day shooting, and some dinner and ice cream staples. We got Maddy's Mud from Sylas and Maddy's the night before, and so I enjoyed a classy serving of ice cream to put the cherry on my day (and my sundae!). It was a great day full of indulgence and quality time with the love of my life. I love when I can make the most of a day off!

The Burger Stand at The Casbah.

The Burger Stand is arguably the best burger in Lawrence. It's a favorite hang out of my friends, the group of Econ Ph.D. and their significant others with whom I spent most of my time. I really dig the decor, too; it is unique and has distinctive personality. They've got these awesome homemade sauces to dip fries in and spread on your burger, like parmesan garlic aioli, and even marshmallow to go with their awesome sweet potato fries that are exquisitely seasoned. Take a good look at that menu and you are guaranteed to find more than one burger that will have you salivating. The turkey burgers are great, too. The place is simply a must for visitors, so be sure to look for the Casbah and you'll find The Burger Stand inside!
Their website: http://thecasbahburgerstand.com/THE_BURGER_STAND.html

The Darkroom Class.

Just this past week I had the last class of my eight week darkroom photography class. It was such a great experience to take my photos all the way through from start to finish. The process and products are equally satisfying. To be able to shoot a roll of film, then get it on the reels in pitch black, and through the developing process, holding your breath until you see the negatives and know you didn't screw it up...such excitement.

The challenge of it all made for such a great reward when it all worked out in the end. Once you've got the negatives, you've got to dry, clean, and cut them, maybe make a contact sheet, and then you can choose from which you'd like to print photographs.

I developed three rolls across the eight weeks, and printed numerous prints. The time spent in the dark, quiet darkroom was so peaceful and almost meditative, as was the processing itself. The calming reassurance in the repetition of each step, the patience required, time in which you stand and ponder excitedly what you'll print next. And it is such motivation to get out there and shoot. Half the time I spent in the darkroom, I was wishing I was out shooting another roll to develop! One day, I went out with Leilani and, planning just to print that day, I ended up shooting an entire 120 roll and developing it that same day with great success!

Overwhelmingly a rewarding experience, I'd recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity. It is so helpful to understand the entire process, and what better way than to learn to do it yourself? Additionally, it gives you another level of appreciation for good photography, as well as an extra dose of patience, something all photographers could use. I think it can make you a more well rounded photographer, who really knows what they are talking about more than the average photog.

Above and below, you can see some of the prints I scanned, though most are scans of the negatives I developed, as well as shots of the process and its accouterments.

KU v Missouri, 87-86

Last weekend, a bunch of our friends got together to watch KU and Missouri play for the last time in the same conference. Essentially, Missouri leaving for the SEC means the end of the huge rivalry that has always gotten Kansans and Missourians all fired up. The game was home, at Allen Fieldhouse, and the whole town of Lawrence was energized for it; it was tangible. I used up a roll of the rare Portra800 figuring it a worthy occasion, and took tons of digital too. As you can see, there was a lot of head in their hands action, as it was one of the craziest comebacks and most exciting games anyone will ever see. They called it an instant classic.
Afterwards, we decided we had to see the celebrations downtown and we headed down for cupcakes and margaritas. Of course you can't hit Dynamite Saloon without ordering something fried. Between the friends, fun, and excitement, it is a night to be remembered. Years from now we'll be asked, "Where were you when Kansan beat Missouri in that last game?" and we'll be able to answer, "In Lawrence, in good company!"


Ever been so charmed by a place that it overwhelms you while you are there and haunts you afterward?
Something about it was just so captivating that it had you completely in the present while you were there, but dreaming to go back once you'd left? While in fact much of San Francisco is like that for me, Mission Cheese was especially charming. Tell us about a place that charmed you, over at Mortal Muses...
It was the people, the flowers, the food and drink, the company, and oh that light...

railroad earth, february 8, 2012, set 2

Here is my second installment of favorite photos from the Railroad Earth show at the Granada here in Lawrence on 2.8.12. And I almost forgot to mention! I introduced myself to and had a chat with Tim Carbone! Then after the first set, I got one of the set lists from the stage; you can see that at the bottom. 
You can stream the show here: http://www.archive.org/details/rre2012-02-08

railroad earth, february 8, 2012

Looking at this set of photos, I'm giddy. My favorite band, my favorite Lawrence venue, at the foot of the stage, and the pictures came out, if I do say so myself, amazingly. These photos are a dream come true for me. I realize they could be better, but for me, they are more than I ever thought I'd be able to produce. And of my favorite band!! When music and photography come together, I'm in heaven. More to come...
You can stream the show here: http://www.archive.org/details/rre2012-02-08


My new favorite cafe in town is Mirth. It had been near the top the whole time, but I recently discovered their front window bar, and realized that the chances of getting barista decorated lattes and window light are soooo much better there than at Milton's, the former favorite. Oh and the chances of actually eating at Mirth are better, too. There is almost always a 45 minute wait for brunch at Milton's. Fuggedabowdit!
And so, accompanied by the best company in town, I found myself there on a Saturday, with the prettiest latte I've yet to find in Lawrence. There are tons of coffee shops here, but not a lot that'll draw in the foam. Makes for nice photos, so I appreciate a talented barista who will take the time. I asked the waiter at Mirth when we were there the weekend before if they ever do it and he said only if one of these two particular girl baristas were working. The planets aligned when we scored the sweet counter by the window. And Andy with his homework and I with my lens, just settled in to make caffeine our friend. The cinnamon roll was purchased purely for its looks, but it ended up a tasty treat as well. They happen to have the best egg sandwich around, too. Twas a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Happy 20th Birthday!

This one, my cousin who is really more my sister, is in her second year of college, studying, but of course, photojournalism. When I was home for the holidays, we had a mini photo excursion, as we always do, and took the photos below. She took that great one of me (I LOVE it!).  Today is her 20th birthday. That thought smacked me in the face more than once while I was visiting with her, but just typing it now I think I almost passed out. Happy Birthday!!

Love Garden.

Ever since I took this shot above, I've been wanting to go back and shoot this place.
When I posted my record shop photo on flickr the other day, it totally flopped but for a few people who got it. I figured a blog entry with several shots would better tell the story of a local record shop called "Love Garden." It might just be the coolest place in town, and you can see why! They make it like a treasure chest and you never know what great album you might find under the one before it.
I've always loved stores like these, as a music lover. There's a feeling of unspoken camaraderie as soon as you walk in, that mutual understanding of the need to be renewed by a new sound, reborn in some great new lyric. It is that awesome feeling of never knowing what you might find, and at the same time, the possibility of being reminded of some old favorite gem you haven't listened to in years. This particular store might make some feel as though they don't know much about music, but that's okay, because therein lies the excitement and potential. And to top things off, they've even got two resident kitties, one you can see below who is always in that window!
The boots shot was not taken at the love garden but at brunch this same morning. I just thought it fit somehow, a further explanation of time and place here in Lawrence.

link love, january 2011

hasselblad 500c/m, fujifilm fp-100c
I've been collecting some really interesting links over the last few weeks to share with you all. These will not disappoint!  1. Talk about a long exposure! A year long exposure: 2. How old are you? 3. What a photojournalism moment to have caught!! 4. Process your own negatives, with your brain! 5. Unbelievable...paintings created from a date stamp! 6. Two new flickr contacts I'm enjoying: Da✞a and Polarisandy

Details from home, in Christmas colors.

While I was home, some of the highlights were my cousin playing the piano, constant picture taking, various Christmas traditions, the coziest flannel sheets in the world, and finally having pizza and bagels worth something. I tried to take in each little detail with my camera to help me savor it all a little longer...

Details from home, Roxbury.

Here are the details I captured from my own family's home while visiting over the holidays. I was in love  with the wonderful light and it called to me from every room. We are a house full of photographers, a piano player, a multi-instrumentalist (who just got a new old slide trombone) and two sibling cats. It was so comforting to be home again.


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