I think one of the reasons I love photography is the all of the anticipation.
Waiting for the right moment,
waiting for the film,
waiting until you master that new technique.
The patience required makes it all the more satisfying, and the challenge of it makes it all the more rewarding.

I remember that one night in the darkroom, trying to get my 120 film on the reels for the first time,
so nervous about messing up the film in the process, up against the clock of the time available in the lab.
After a half hour of trying, taking breaks, and going back at it, refusing to give up,
you might imagine how happy I was when it finally worked.

And all the times I send my film out to get developed, I check the mail compulsively every day, hoping it is back and
I'm so dang disappointed when the mailbox is empty.
I'm one of those people that tracks my packages online just so I can get mad when it isn't delivered by the
"estimated delivery."
If I don't have something to look forward to each week, I find myself a little less cheerful than normal.
Sometimes I plan things to look forward to, and I think I'm just now realizing that I do this and why!

With photography, there is always a season or event to look forward to capturing,
and I think that is one of the things that keeps me satisfied, entertained, and just plain hooked.

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  1. SuperDewa says:

    Love this, Cara. I think there's a little of this even with digital. I find myself waiting for the magic to show up and then, even if I think I know how something's going to look by the back of my camera, uploading my photos often yields surprises.

  2. ~Cara says:

    Deirdre~i love when that happens.
    you download them and it's like 'whoa, i didn't think it would look this good!'

  3. Kirstin says:

    Cara, I totally get these! Each one made me gasp!

  4. Yes! I love these photos.

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