Love Garden.

Ever since I took this shot above, I've been wanting to go back and shoot this place.
When I posted my record shop photo on flickr the other day, it totally flopped but for a few people who got it. I figured a blog entry with several shots would better tell the story of a local record shop called "Love Garden." It might just be the coolest place in town, and you can see why! They make it like a treasure chest and you never know what great album you might find under the one before it.
I've always loved stores like these, as a music lover. There's a feeling of unspoken camaraderie as soon as you walk in, that mutual understanding of the need to be renewed by a new sound, reborn in some great new lyric. It is that awesome feeling of never knowing what you might find, and at the same time, the possibility of being reminded of some old favorite gem you haven't listened to in years. This particular store might make some feel as though they don't know much about music, but that's okay, because therein lies the excitement and potential. And to top things off, they've even got two resident kitties, one you can see below who is always in that window!
The boots shot was not taken at the love garden but at brunch this same morning. I just thought it fit somehow, a further explanation of time and place here in Lawrence.

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