Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

The show at The Granada in downtown Lawrence was pure magic. With a crowd of maybe 80, it was so intimate it was like they were jamming in their garage. Chris made the crack "It must feel have made it to Wednesday night. Cuz look around, not everyone did" and maybe for him, it sucked to perform for such a small crowd, but we were an appreciative and attentive small crowd. And the small group lent itself to making the show seem extra special. The guys played in such a way that it didn't feel like they'd been doing this every night of the week; it seemed fresh and organic, like they were playing some of these jams for the first time. What a memorable night. Now to seek out some of the new songs I heard that night...Enjoy my shots. Pretty proud of this set. - Set One - SOMEDAY PAST THE SUNSET TOMORROW BLUES TOUGH MAMA STAR OR STONE BROWN EYED WOMEN TULSA YESTERDAY THE DOLPHINS ROSALEE - Set Two - GIRL ON THE MOUNTAIN POOR ELIJAH - TRIBUTE TO JOHNSON (MEDLEY) TRAIN ROBBERS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER VIBRATION & LIGHT SUITE RIDE SILVER CAR SUNDAY SOUND - encore - OLDER GUYS

i got lucky.

fujifilm, minolta x370

I'm super impressed with the Minolta on this one. It is very sharp and well exposed for an inside shot. I guess I should give myself some extra credit since it was all manual. I probably just got lucky. But I already knew that. I mean, look at the love in those eyes!

unleashed at the dog park.

Anyone who has been around me lately knows I've got a dog-shaped hole in my heart. Luckily, my friend Jennilyn lets me hang out with her sweet pooch Zoey, and Zoey's friends, at the dog park! Here are some of the highlights...
p.s. lily won the tug of war!

presets used: jack film, bring up the lights, simple gerbera, my B&W, 70s sun film grain, outdoor film grain, milk tea, orchid soft, suki, sonny

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