thai house, lawrence.

Had lunch (and dinner!) today at The Thai House, here in Lawrence. Despite its sort of depressing location, the decor inside and the food leave nothing to be desired. Before the food came, I played with the light in the room and got a few shots of the quiet, nearly empty restaurant. A. had the Mongolian Beef, and I went with the Ginger was divine, and quite a surprise as I didn't expect it to be THAT good! A fine blend of mostly ginger and a kick of garlic sauced up this excellent serving of peppers, chicken, mushrooms, onions, and another unidentified but delicious vegetable. 

I did a double take at the shakers when I realized they weren't what we're used to seeing, salt and pepper...

Friday night Sushi date.

I had a handsome date for friday night sushi this evening. You really can do no wrong at Wa Sushi, here in Lawrence, especially when you get to sit outside in the sunny warm late day sun after a week from work hell and rainy cloudy days.

Spring Wandering

Here's a collection of my favorites from the past few weeks of spring splendor!

sanity dinner...

at which andrew explains why i shouldn't have to work after hours and workshops a solution to propose to my superiors. what would i do without him? when every student has to talk to me and completely ignores the sign that says i'm not available, how can i get anything else done?

the light was out of control at dinner! it inspired me to go out and take photos, instead of go back to work. i bought myself roses on the way home in orange, my favorite color. with every click, it was like another deep breath. complete therapy. does photography help you like that too?

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