My new favorite cafe in town is Mirth. It had been near the top the whole time, but I recently discovered their front window bar, and realized that the chances of getting barista decorated lattes and window light are soooo much better there than at Milton's, the former favorite. Oh and the chances of actually eating at Mirth are better, too. There is almost always a 45 minute wait for brunch at Milton's. Fuggedabowdit!
And so, accompanied by the best company in town, I found myself there on a Saturday, with the prettiest latte I've yet to find in Lawrence. There are tons of coffee shops here, but not a lot that'll draw in the foam. Makes for nice photos, so I appreciate a talented barista who will take the time. I asked the waiter at Mirth when we were there the weekend before if they ever do it and he said only if one of these two particular girl baristas were working. The planets aligned when we scored the sweet counter by the window. And Andy with his homework and I with my lens, just settled in to make caffeine our friend. The cinnamon roll was purchased purely for its looks, but it ended up a tasty treat as well. They happen to have the best egg sandwich around, too. Twas a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Happy 20th Birthday!

This one, my cousin who is really more my sister, is in her second year of college, studying, but of course, photojournalism. When I was home for the holidays, we had a mini photo excursion, as we always do, and took the photos below. She took that great one of me (I LOVE it!).  Today is her 20th birthday. That thought smacked me in the face more than once while I was visiting with her, but just typing it now I think I almost passed out. Happy Birthday!!

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