leap day.

I took the day off on Leap Day. Figured it's an extra day we don't get every year, and that I wanted to claim it for my own and make the most of this "found time." I managed to get Andy out of bed early so we could get a good table at Milton's. Its a long narrow restaurant with only 3 tables that actually get any window light. We had our pick and I snagged the best spot, and the best French Toast in town, perhaps in Kansas, certainly the best I've had anywhere!
After breakfast we stopped off at the grocery store, where I picked up some tulips to spend my day shooting, and some dinner and ice cream staples. We got Maddy's Mud from Sylas and Maddy's the night before, and so I enjoyed a classy serving of ice cream to put the cherry on my day (and my sundae!). It was a great day full of indulgence and quality time with the love of my life. I love when I can make the most of a day off!

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