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Last Friday, Leilani and I went out for drinks and some downtown shooting. Teller's was an absolute pleasure, complete with a margarita just the way I like it, a friendly waiter, and an amazing goat cheese dip with wonderful focaccia bread. I want to do it all over again tonight!

Stay tuned for some exciting news about a photography job I just booked!

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Jennilyn & Andrew: Family Portrait, part two: University of Kansas campus.


Jennilyn & Andrew: Family Portraits

Jennilyn and Andrew are two friends of mine who, clearly, are a photographer's dream to shoot...I'll bet you haven't seen a better looking couple in a long time! In addition, they've got the sweetest pup, Zoey, with whom I adore spending time.

We set out on a perfect spring Saturday to take some 'family portraits' all over Lawrence. First we ventured downtown, where a pub crawl was going on and didn't make shooting easy, but we got a few good ones! They treated me to Lawrence's best pizza, Papa Keno's, before we headed over the the University of Kansas campus.

Jennilyn is a graphic designer (click for her website!) who also works at the Acme T-Shirt shop, and Andrew is an Economics PhD. We made sure to hit some of the spots that were special to them, like her place of work, The Burger Stand at The Casbah bar, and some other scenic spots. My next few blog posts will be showing you some storyboards of the best shots from the day. Thanks for looking!

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