link love, january 2011

hasselblad 500c/m, fujifilm fp-100c
I've been collecting some really interesting links over the last few weeks to share with you all. These will not disappoint!  1. Talk about a long exposure! A year long exposure: 2. How old are you? 3. What a photojournalism moment to have caught!! 4. Process your own negatives, with your brain! 5. Unbelievable...paintings created from a date stamp! 6. Two new flickr contacts I'm enjoying: Da✞a and Polarisandy

Details from home, in Christmas colors.

While I was home, some of the highlights were my cousin playing the piano, constant picture taking, various Christmas traditions, the coziest flannel sheets in the world, and finally having pizza and bagels worth something. I tried to take in each little detail with my camera to help me savor it all a little longer...

Details from home, Roxbury.

Here are the details I captured from my own family's home while visiting over the holidays. I was in love  with the wonderful light and it called to me from every room. We are a house full of photographers, a piano player, a multi-instrumentalist (who just got a new old slide trombone) and two sibling cats. It was so comforting to be home again.

saturday with the zoester!

Oh how sweet she is! All she ever wants to do is play, and occasionally, she'll climb up on your lap and thank you with a hug and slobberkiss! We spent Saturday afternoon chilling and watching the KU basketball game with her mom and dad, and so I was able to get a few portraits of my favorite kind-pet!

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