Suki Meet Up: The Doggy Photo Shoot!

Chillin' with Suki and her doggy pals Zuko and Taro was pretty much the coolest thing I could have done in San Fran. Here's the rest of my shots from the visit, film (bottom) and digital (top). Jonathan was shooting all three dogs and I got to watch the shoot in action! How many people does it take to get 3 dogs to look in the same direction? You can see below...What a patient group! Jonathan even took the time to take a few really great shots of me and the flickr star, Suki...what a fun morning.

Mission Cheese, the summary

Greetings! I'm just back from a super visit home to New Jersey, and yet I'm still catching up with my California shots!

Soon I'll have time to do a photo dump on this visit, but here's a little teaser...

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