New Set of Presets, now for Lightroom AND Adobe Camera Raw!

I figured out that I can use the Adobe Camera Raw on my Photoshop trial to convert my Lightroom presets to ACR presets! I put together a set of my 5 most requested plus 1 B&W that will be only $12. I'll have the trial for another two weeks so if there is a preset that you've seen and want for ACR, let me know so that I can convert it for you! Here's my Etsy to take a look, and the facebook link is on the top right side of the blog.

One Response so far.

  1. I was JUST looking at these on FB today, when you popped up on my feed. Like your comment on flickr, I have no idea why people show up randomly.
    Anyways ... just caught up with you a bit. Yay!
    And your first follower! Where's my badge ;)

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