heart tea.

I like tea. My love, A., shares this passion and this weekend, we indulged in many a tea treat! First we had lunch at the divine Blue Koi, in Leawood, Kansas. A. had the best oolong tea (King's) and we planned to take some home, until we saw the price tag. But a day later, we're reconsidering and may just have to go back and get some. They have a full selection of wonderful teas there, and the cutest tea nook where they keep all the lovely mugs in which they steep and serve the tea. 

I had to try their bubble tea after falling in love with our local House of Cha's iced honey milk tea and it was sweet and tasty goodness. After our appetites had been whet, we had to stop in at House of Cha today as well. I got that favorite bubble tea and A. tried another Oolong, which we both decided was just yum. Then, on our way home, we stopped at the Merc and A. found an Oolong there to try. I think we're both less thrilled with this one, and so we'll be sure to return to both Blue Koi and House of Cha for satisfaction.

What and where have you found YOUR favorite tea(s)? Among the house favorites here are Republic of Tea's blackberry sage and honey ginseng green, Twinings Lady Grey and Ceylon, and good old Lipton!

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  1. SuperDewa says:

    Love this! This is exactly why to have a blog. Lovely photos that tell a story. I've never actually had bubble tea and don't know where I can get it around here. Next time I go to the city I'll look for it.
    My favorite tea around here is in a teashop in a nearby town. The shop is called Verdigris, and they sell under their own label. While I do drink caffeine, I love their flavored rooibos teas most. They have one called Monet's Garden that looks like a monet painting, with bits of purple and orange flowers, and just making it puts me in a wonderful mood (I buy it loose from them). My favorite thing to drink there is a green tea smoothie.
    My regular "everyday" (as in days when I don't drink coffee or need something more) black tea is PG Tips. That tea has magic added to it. I've never had an inexpensive bagged black tea that came close.

  2. ~Cara says:

    oh wow. please take a photo of the Monet's garden!!

  3. MrsMama says:

    I live in Lawrence and haven't yet been to the House of Cha but that iced honey milk tea you mentioned sounds divine! Must go soon. :)

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