Sushi at Stockton's Cocoro.

Melissa and her mom, Lilliann, showed me around the nicer parts of Stockton, CA on my last day in California. One of the locations was Cocoro Sushi and it was amazing. I've been to many a great sushi place, and this was definitely toward the top of that list of sushi experiences. Plus, they sat us next to a great window for taking pictures! Thank you so much for the wonderful sushi lunch and your hospitality (especially the cookies which lasted until today!), Lilliann!

We had the Spicy Crunch Scallop roll (left of row of three), the Spicy Salmon (my order, middle), and the CoCoRoll (maybe? Melly please confirm! right of row of three). And luckily these two lovely ladies humored me when I asked to take their picture...I adore the shots of these two, both of whom I hold so dear to my heart!

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