Mission Cheese, Accomplished.

Mission Cheese was on my list of places to go because I'd seen good things on Flickr. Who am I kidding, that was most of my list. And so, with lovely company, I headed over to the Mission district.
We ordered purely on looks, asking the cheese barista (what WOULD you call that person?) to give us the most photogenic of cheese plates. She didn't disappoint, but my tastebuds were, as I'm just not cut out for this stuff. I did like the one that was closest to goat cheese, and the Le Merle Saison was great, as well Melly's red. 
We spent a fair amount of time and film there, observing the San Franciscans in their natural habitat and pacing ourselves through the cheese and light. We even snagged a stranger for my 100 Strangers Project, as well as some of my proudest shots yet. It was an epic light-venture. I could have stayed all day, just to see how the light would change. You can see the owner, I believe, hard at work preparing a cheese flight in the shot below. If I ever go back, I'd love to try the biscuits and mac and cheese. What a delight this place is!

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  1. Shotslot says:

    Great set Cara and I'm pleased to see you did get proper cheese. I'd love to send you some of what we get here in the local cheese-shop.

  2. SuperDewa says:

    It all looks really gorgeous. I'm a cheese fan, but I'll look past your disappointed tastebuds :-)

  3. arin says:

    Beautiful set of shots, Cara - I've been waiting to see them! The very idea of cheese flights has my mouth watering. Glorious! Really really beautiful (and I wish they were all on flickr so I could fave them!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need to move. This place looks fabulous! Wonderful photos.

    Becky Sue

  5. maureen says:

    Good Lord, that is my version of Heaven.
    And your photography of the visit is amazing.

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