Cinco de Mayo Tour

Cinco de Mayo carries a special meaning for me and is an anniversary of something that symbolizes freedom to me, which is my most dearly held ideal. So I always like to go out and celebrate on that day, and it so its fun that it happens on a day already filled with festivity. This year, Andrew and I made plans with some friends for drinks after dinner, but we both still felt the need for a Mexican (-American) dinner and so we headed out to Casa Agave, here in Lawrence, which is pretty much always a good idea. Mexican is hit or miss in Lawrence, as you might imagine it would be in Kansas, especially for someone who lived in New Mexico and has worked in Tex-Mex restaurants. Casa Agave, whether authentic or not, always hits the spot. And at least its owners and staff are Latin American, not just the dishwashers like at other Mexican restaurants.

It was there that I met Fernando and Robin, two friends out celebrating, who I eventually worked up the courage to ask if they'd be my Strangers for the Strangers Project. Fernando had a ton of character, potentially due to the fishbowl margarita he was imbibing, but I have a feeling he's just that kinda guy! Flirting with the ladies and singing Ricky Martin, he caught my eye right off the bat. As it turns out, Robin owns a landscaping company that just may be in need of some photography services to do their landscaping jobs justice on their website!

We followed this dinner up with drink specials with friends at Marisco's. I always love the lighting there for my drink photos, and the ice, salt, and margarita glasses did not disappoint in the bokeh department!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Elle says:

    oooo! I gotta get me a margarita tomorrow after work now!!

    your drink photos are always such fun. someday we should really meet and share a drink. and of course take lots of photos of it. ;-)

  2. ~Cara says:

    that sounds like a great idea!

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