BreAdventure gone bad.

What began as an intent to cook, and coined a "BreAdventure!," resulted in the wiser choice to eat out. I had cravings for both Milton's French Toast and Mirth's egg sandwich, so I thought I could duplicate both at home with the help of the right bread. So we set out for Wheatfields Bakery but found ourselves at Mirth, which was definitely the best choice, as evidenced by the shots below. A wonderful honey hazelnut latte, and sharing of their french toast and their egg sandwich, complete with amazing bacon, awesomely done potatoes, and fresh fruit was only made most perfect thanks to some wonderful company. And there's no way I could have duplicated that egg sandwich without that roasted red pepper cream cheese! That's the mission now!

We still hit up Wheatfields on the way home, agonizing over a bread purchase decision. A pleasant surprise was that they have bagels on Sundays, but upon arriving home, I found myself biting into a completely unacceptable bagel. Oh New Jersey, how I do miss you at these times! Maybe someday I'll find SOMEthing I like at Wheatfields; have yet to, despite everyone raving about the place.

presets used: sonny details, B&W film grain

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  1. Melly says:

    Looks delicious!! Sweet picture of Andy. He looks a little bored with getting his picture taken, though. Heehee. You need a new model to sub for a while! (Can I be it? Pleeeeeaase please please please! :D)

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