down. town.

Downtown areas have always fascinated and enthralled me, and I remember back around the age of 13, living in a suburbia devoid of a downtown, saying that I always wanted to live somewhere with a nice downtown area to stroll and people watch. Now, as a photographer, they hold even more excitement, and I think these photos should make it pretty apparent why that is!

Here in Lawrence, there's a great downtown, with a wide spectrum of types of shops, eateries, and activities. Oh, and lights and window and people, too!

...Does anyone have tips for uploading into blogger? There seems to be no logic to it. You say actual size, and it still shrinks it. These images in photoshop are supposed to be 3 inches wide (top image) and 6 inches wide (bottom image) but here the bottom is smaller than the top! Could anyone help me troubleshoot?

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  1. MrsMama says:

    Love your Lawrence shots. Now I'm hankering for a burger from the Casbah. :)

    I hate finagling photos in Blogger. My life got exponentially easier the day I discovered Windows Live Writer. It's much easier to compose blog posts and insert pictures the way YOU want them. And it works seamless with a variety of blogging platforms. Love.

  2. ~Cara says:

    thanks MrsMama for the tips and for checkin out the blog!

  3. SuperDewa says:

    A beautiful group of photos. I'm going to look into Windows Live Writer, but here's what I've been doing (I was having problems with text overlaying my photos) -- in photoshop,I resize my photos/collages to 900px wide (I do this anyway at 72ppi to protect my photos) and upload them to flickr, usually marking them private. Then I copy the html code for the right size from flickr to blogger. Then I take away any code blogger puts around the photos.

  4. ~Cara says:

    Thanks Deirdre! I'm on a mac but that does sound good. I think I've figured out that if I just keep them to a shorter length, it works out. And thanks for gushing on the other post too...glad someone else is as thrilled as I am!

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