i've moved!

In case you've missed it, I've moved!
Here is where to find me, and all the old posts from this blog came, too: http://tumbleweedineden.wordpress.com/

sharing sunday light.

Just a few shots from the dreamy light this past Sunday that wrapped up 
a seriously wonderful weekend.

a long one, but a good one.

Since Andy got his PhD Monday, most of his friends have been still stuck studying for finals all week and weren't ready to celebrate...until last night. First we dined at the best sushi place in Lawrence, Wa, downtown on Mass Street. I especially like the disappearing sushi series below. I have about 5 more that really make it like a flip book effect.

Afterwards, we headed to our usual haunt, Dynamite Saloon, for margaritas and curly fries. As the DD, it was fun for me to capture everyone's antics....like....

and this conversation, where we all learned a lot about the animal kingdom, specifically koalas and hyenas...

A highlight of the night for me was capturing all the bokeh and observing what people do with their drinks. The other great part was having our friends donate money to my jukebox fund. Dollars were tossed at me from all sides of the table...so that I would go and create an awesome soundtrack for the night. I've been entrusted with the welfare of their ears.

The guys...

The ladies...

The french fries!!

Another Zoey Adventure!

Visited the dog park again with Zoey, and she made some cute friends!
She's not a big swimmer but she LOVES to fetch and so her parents challenged her by to practice her swimming by throwing the ball into the deeper water. It was fun to watch her navigate the waters and strategize the simplest way so that she would not have to do much swimming. She had several visitors. I love shooting the dogs while they are shaking off after being in the water...always makes for a fun shot. I really dig hanging out with Zoey! :)

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