spring rains.

Everything bloomed so early and so quickly here. When it first started, we were experiencing crazy storms and lots of rain. First I ventured out with my old Canon Rebel GII and expired film, but when the rain cleared and the morning was filled with fog, I pulled out the Hasselblad. Both yielded joyful results. 

Most of the yellows pinks and purples are gone now, but I'm just getting the film back now and getting to relive the whole thing! Ah, the beauty of photographs.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Lawrence falls during March Madness, when the city is already at it's height of festivity. You can see in one of the shots below, there was bluegrass, basketball, pups and kids, and in another, a pirate ship rode down Mass. Street, why not? And the city is abloom, too! A great time of year to be here, for sure.

link love, march 2011.

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