Edison home.

I was incredibly inspired by the light and details of my two homes while I was back in New Jersey for the holidays. Andy's house is full of warmth and comforting childhood memories. They aren't my memories, since I didn't grow up there, but I could imagine the sentimentality attached to each object and tradition, and secretly savored each memory that didn't belong to me, relishing those that have become mine as well. The cherries, the pasta, the fiestaware, the Tastee Subs, the musty books, and sweet pup whose new trick is to climb up on the stool when there is food around to sniff it out!

how i spent my friday night.

It had been awhile because of the holidays but a bunch of us got together again for friday night margaritas, which seems to have become a tradition of sorts (sidenote: tradition sounds so much better than habit, doesn't it? lol). These shots are all kodak portra 400 on the nikon f100, except one digital. I'll be sad the day I can't buy anymore portra and will seriously need to start stocking up. I'm pretty darn pleased with how they all came out, and self-scanned as well. More importantly, we had a blast and it was great to unwind after the first 5 day work week in a while had worn me out. I guess it did the same for Jennilyn, who at one point snatched her husband's margarita right out of his hands exhaustedly and adorably exclaiming, "i had a very hard day!" I caught that moment on film, below.

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