4th of July!

4th of July this year was a photographer's dream...great light, pretty people, a cute puppy, a cuter lil girl, expressive friends and lots of fun and food! These are all straight out of the camera; they just didn't seem to need much...simpler can be better sometimes.
Enjoy! Hope yours was a blast, too, no pun intended!

We took the long ride out to the Pacific Ocean while I was in San Francisco. Being a girl born by the sea, I always feel its pull on me, and it was wonderful to have some quiet time out there, just the ocean and me. I'd only seen the Pacific once before and so of course I had some fun snapping photos. Below you'll see some digital and some film (the really blue ones).

The berries and bread on the bottom are Melly's homeless people food. You run into so many of them in San Fran, and when Melly found some really cheap prices she decided to arm herself for the next homeless person asking for handouts. Of course, once she did find him, he showed her all the food he already had with him, and refused her food, asking only for money. She walked around with it the rest of the day and never was able to give it away!

The digital were processed with late day sun and San Fran Vintage (new!) presets.

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