I tagged along with friends Jennilyn and Marie and their furry friends Zoey and Rose for today's Dogtoberfest. I had big plans of photographing lots of dogs, but I was so overwhelmed and it was so crowded that I ended up just busy watching all the different dogs go by, and then the camera came out mostly just for Zoey and Rose. There was so much to see and do for people and pooches alike! Zoey got a new leash, met a puppy version of herself, and only wanted to play frisbee. I got some action shots:

Rose entered the "Best Tail Wag" competition and won! She is such a sweetheart who totally won me over with her sweet face and disposition. And she's gorgeous...check it out!

The fall colors clearly made for a photographer's paradise, and so I really was the "Pupparazzi!"
They had a costume contest and I really loved the Italian Greyhound in the Rocky style track suit (below). It was a beautiful day and so we all enjoyed the weather and the company. What a perfect day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Cara, so I finally got a moment to myself and grabbed a cup of tea and enjoyed your blog, wow what a beautiful blog you have here! really beautiful photos, a lovely mixture of film and digital and I love how you've processed the digital ones too. I love your latest post, gosh the doggies are so cute amongst that delicious background! if I am ever in your side of town, we should go shooting together ;) have a good weekend!

  2. Melly says:

    Wonderful photos! Just look at those FACES!!! I love the way you capture curiosity, playfulness, loyalty, and love! Rose is gorgeous - I love that she won best tail wag! Sooo sweet! Thanks for the charm and the laugh, Ms. "Pupparazzi"!

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