RockyGrass 2011

I wasn't going to do this because the idea of doing our recent trip to Colorado justice was too daunting. And if I go back to my Rockygrass 2011 folder, I'll see all the ones I missed and wished I had included. But that's are just a few highlights. All of the musicians were amazing but I only got a few decent photos this year because I was less determined; I had my fill being a 'concert photographer' with the 300mm lens last year. This year I just wanted to capture the vibe, the happiness, the friendly atmosphere and overall experience. That included the life size Connect4 game, the hoopers, the kids, the candids of happy festivarians, and even a few selfies this time!

It was soo much fun spending time with my friends from Albuquerque too, The Squash Blossom Boys. Get their album! You won't be disappointed! And what location could be more perfect than the amazing Lyons, CO? Perfect sunny days, cool starry nights, and a river to tube from the venue back to our campsite when we got too hot. This was our first year (of the three) running our own tarp too...we had the "K.U." in tie dye pink duct tape tarp! Andy thought the lines for numbers and to run was ridiculous; I found it oddly exhilarating, a comical version of the land runs our ancestors made perhaps. You can find more of these photos in my facebook album if you are interested...

Winfield is up next!!

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  1. Love love love the one of the sleeping thumb-sucker!

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