Moving Sale: Sarah Ann Loreth

Sarah Ann Loreth is moving, and clearly, she's going to need a new mattress for her nice new place. I mean, have you see this thing?

But in all seriousness, you should check out this amazing photographer's shop. She has to move from her current home and it's going to be an expensive move, so go look at her stuff. You are sure to find something you can't live without, and that will help her pay some of her moving expenses!

Master of mood and lady of levitation, her concepts are always absolute standouts and things you never could have thought of, but dang you wish you did. Poetry and literary references are sprinkled about her photostream. Many of her images are just plain pretty. She's been known to glue things to her body, and inflict bodily harm on herself for the sake of her art. She's also a total sweetheart. Whatever draws you into her stream will keep you entranced as she's got such a strong consistent ability to make stunning, haunting, and captivating images that keep you looking forward to whatever she'll post next.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Elle says:

    really beautiful~

  2. Shotslot says:

    Thanks for the pointer Cara.

  3. OH wow! this is gorgeous photography! Very impressive.

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